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Kiln Drying Services in the Roaring Fork Valley

Loading the large kiln at our facility
Loading the large kiln at our facility


Our Carbondale, Colorado facility features two drying kilns units. Our largest kiln's capacity is approximately 10,000 SF while the smaller kiln can accommodate approximately 5,000 SF.

Why Kiln Drying

Depending on the origin, species, and type of wood, the moisture content before kiln drying can be 15% or greater when we acquire it. Shrinkage can be a concern if the moisture level is not lowered prior to installation, depending on the application of the material. Prior to milling reclaimed material, Distinguished Boards and Beams recommends bringing the moisture content down to the 6% to 8% range to reduce the potential for slight shrinkage. This also ensures that the wood runs more smoothly through our machines adding a milled profile. Other benefits of kiln drying include lowering the weight of the wood, which can save on shipping costs. Finally, kiln drying completely sterilizes the material and kills any insects or microbes present, which can be especially important for interior applications.

Colorful display of mixed hardwoods barn wood siding
Colorful display of mixed hardwoods barn wood siding

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