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Authentic Javanese Joglo Homes

This rare  intricately hand carved joglo house is truly a one-of -a-kind piece of architectural history that would make the perfect addition as a meditation area  retreat pavilion  or pool cabana.
This rare, intricately hand carved joglo house is truly a one-of -a-kind piece of architectural history that would make the perfect addition as a meditation area, retreat pavilion, or pool cabana.
Last updated: August 14, 2018

Authentic Javanese Joglo House for Sale

Currently in our inventory we have a rare hand-carved traditional Joglo home that will make the perfect meditation or retreat pavilion, pool cabana, or addition to a home or business. Originally from the city of Kudos in Central Java, the home is in exceptional shape for its age, which is estimated to be 150-200 years old. Its roof composed of stepped beams with intricate carvings was done in what is known as the Sung Ging style, recognized as the finest form of woodworking in Java and historically associated with nobility or aristocracy. Kudos has a renowned carving tradition stretching back to the 15th Century, and we chose to add this authentic Joglo home to our inventory because it is unique in the quality of its carving, its detailed architecture, and its preserved condition.


This joglo house was carved was crafted from all teak wood, which not only adds to the value but helps to explain how it has stood up to the tropical elements in Java in such a preserved condition, as teak is know for its strength, waterproof qualities, and low maintenance characteristics. The carvings are one of a kind, representing the intricate Sung Ging styling.

Wood Species: Teak
Style: Joglo Pendapo (pavilion) with Sung Ging carvings and stepped tumpangan roof

About Joglo Homes

Complete traditional Joglo homes are quite exceptional in the world of reclaimed wood. Their signature stepped and intricately carved roofs have become icons of Javanese architecture and culture. The quality of craftsmanship and materials used adds to the mystique of these pieces of Indonesian history whose architectural knowledge and skill has a rich heritage that has been handed down for hundreds of years.

As a reflection of traditional Javanese societal hierarchy, roof styles represented status. Joglos were reserved for those at the top of the hierarchy, such as royalty, nobility, aristocrats, and high government officials. The stepped beams that gradually form a two-sided peak resembling a pyramid, also symbolize the Javanese philosophy that in life success comes with gradual steps to the top and not from instant gratification.

Distinguished Boards & Beams
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