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Photo Gallery

Here's our collection of reclaimed wood photos in a variety of applications. See also our Pinterest board for more ideas.
Reclaimed Timbers
Reclaimed mixed oak floor with hand hewn beams
Heavy Douglas fir timber frame complements massive vaulted ceilings and stonework
Original smooth patina Douglas fir timber frame with traditional joinery in a vaulted ceiling
Reclaimed smooth Douglas fir timber frame
Reclaimed smooth Douglas fir timber framing joinery
Traditional timber framing with barn wood siding accents
Hand hewn post and beam with dimensional lumber framing and barn wood soffit.

Reclaimed Flooring
25% original surface texture mixed oak in 4"-8" widths is featured in this open floor plan
Skip planed 25% original surface finish mix hardwood with tongue and groove profile and random widths
Reclaimed Barn Wood Flooring: Mixed hardwood with 25% original surface finish  3"-6" widths
Reclaimed maple flooring provides the perfect look to a modern loft with a basketball hoop inside!
Reclaimed maple flooring complements a modern industrial loft design
Golden to dark brown threshing flooring with straight-line ripped sides for a rustic and tight fitting look
Threshing flooring in bedroom setting for a warm and rustic look

Barnwood Siding
Weathered grey pine barn siding ranging from light grey to dark silver
Weathered gray pine siding covering an entire luxury residence  along with barn wood garage door features and rusty metal roofing
Weathered grey barn siding  hand hewn porch timber frame  and rusty metal corrugated roofing
Hand hewn slab siding closeup with joinery pegs
Weathered grey pine and mixed oak barn wood siding garage door in a traditional barn style
Hand hewn slab siding blends with hand hewn posts and beams  barn wood  and rusty metal siding
Closeup of hand hewn slab siding with chinking material in between each slab
Closeup of historic hand hewn slab siding with chinking material in between slabs
Vertical barn wood siding and horizontal hand hewn timber slab siding
Hand hewn post and beam with dimensional lumber framing and barn wood soffit.
Weathered grey and brown barn wood siding with hand hewn timber-framing
Newly designed dutch style barn clad in vertical and horizontal weathered grey barn wood and a rusty metal corrugated roof
Canvas of reclaimed rusty metal siding  grey barn wood siding  hand hewn timbers  and dimensional lumber
Barn wood wall panels with Douglas fir ceiling panels
Whole Foods interior barn siding paneling feature

Barnwood Samples
Samples of our surface finishes and species options

Our Team
The Distinguished Boards and Beams Team
Giving reclaimed barn siding a shiplap milled profile

Our Pinterest Gallery
Looking for more inspiration? You might enjoy exploring our Pinterest board for hundreds more reclaimed wood ideas.

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