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Why Choose Distinguished Boards & Beams?

These rough sawn heavy timbers create a classic look in this home's post and beam construction complemented by a reclaimed mixed hardwoods floor.
These rough sawn heavy timbers create a classic look in this home's post and beam construction complemented by a reclaimed mixed hardwoods floor.
Distinguished Boards and Beams prides itself by caring for all the people we work with, at every point of contact. We believe by building long-term relationships with our clients, from residential owners, architects, large-scale general contractors, as well as with our employees we can provide the best reclaimed lumber and flooring. Only by having our hands in every step of the reclaimed wood process, from sourcing, salvaging, milling and delivering our products, can we achieve our goal of being the very best reclaimed wood company operating in today’s ever-changing marketplace. Just like your current project, our business is a continual work of art.

Why Buy From Us?

We have been in business since 2000. Our commitment to satisfying our customers has allowed us to grow every year since our inception. We believe we have achieved success because of the following 11 guiding principles that we adhere to when serving both new and existing clients:
  • We are committed to reaching your deadlines. We work overtime and on weekends, even on holidays if need be, to make sure you get your reclaimed wood on time.
  • We only accept and deliver the highest quality of work and product. We have control over all our materials because we are a direct source for our reclaimed wood, beginning with sourcing reclaimed material, shipping, inventory management, cleaning and processing the wood in house. There are no “middle-men” involved with the processing of our product. This allows us to maintain the highest level of quality control.
  • We have perfected our milling operations. We inspect each piece of wood for irregularities, making sure that our state-of-the-art machines are fully functional at all times. We do not accept cuts that are too thick or too thin, or that leave dysfunctional grooves. Our cutter heads are custom-designed to achieve product specifications tailored for each order.
  • We honor our quoted pricing. We always hold to the contracted price without any exception.
  • We maintain a large inventory of reclaimed wood so product is available to you at all times. You can find our extensive and diverse inventory list of timbers, dimensional lumber, siding, flooring and other applications on our website. (add link). If the wood you need is not listed, we will do our best to source the product you desire.
  • We employ experienced, detail-oriented staff who are committed to the company and long term employment. Our team members are very skilled in the construction industry, with many have extensive construction and building backgrounds. Having such a dedicated and cohesive group of employees allows us to spend quality time enhancing our operations so that we can offer our products and services to clients at competitive prices.
  • Our office and yard are adjacent to one another, which maximizes communication and efficiency. We handle bids, orders and contracts from our office; we receive and prepare all material for installation and shipping from our yard.
  • We are located in Western Colorado and have 2 kiln driers on site. We are able to ship wood as soon as it is dried by our kilns, not only because of our superior drying capabilities, but also because of the naturally dry Colorado environment.
  • We take orders and arrange shipping quantities of all sizes, from a single board to semi-truck loads filled will completed products, to locations all over the USA as well as abroad, including Canada, Europe and beyond.
  • We source rare and limited reclaimed lumber in America as well as from other parts of the world. We are especially known for importing reclaimed wood that we have sourced ourselves in Asia.
  • And most importantly, we are dedicated to always making the customer happy, doing whatever we can to build a strong, lasting relationship.

Why Buy Now?

We believe that there are two main reasons why you should buy reclaimed wood now, instead of waiting for future opportunities. The reasons are dependent on global shifts in business practices and priorities:

Inventory Still Abundant

We believe that this is the very best time in history to buy reclaimed wood. More and more people are recognizing that recycling, reusing and reducing materials to diminish waste and our carbon footprint is critical for humanity's survival. We must stop deforestation and rely on our current natural capital to support human life. But this awareness has not reached a critical mass or tipping point yet. This means that there is still an abundance of reclaimed wood available, but will not be forever. You can still buy reclaimed wood relatively inexpensively to future prices, when demand will exponentially overshoot supply.

Technology Will Increase Future Demand

The current digital age allows us to reach our target market quickly and efficiently. All types of businesses, including the building industry, are recognizing the power of the Internet. This rapid pace of communication will demand that more and more products and projects use renewable energy and reclaimed and recycled materials; as a result, newly manufactured products will become scarce and very expensive as well, eventually more so than reclaimed ones.

Distinguished Boards & Beams
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